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Maine's Premier BBQ, Spice, Rub and Sauce company. There's no better condiment to add to your BBQ!

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Beast Feast Maine

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  •      Beast Feast Maine started in 2007 with the concept of holding an annual wild game supper for sportsman and outdoor enthusiasts as a men's Christian outreach. I created a honey ginger sauce to enhance the flavor of wild duck and from there I started getting requests for it. As its popularity grew, I started producing more sauces for various wild game meats and fish. I started promoting the sauces for wild meats but as it gained popularity, and feedback was so positive for other meats, I then started promoting it for all meats, wild and domestic. Within a short time, the sauces started to gain momentum and my wife and I started doing craft fairs, county fairs, BBQ events, etc. We now produce 57 products and are in over 125 retail, specialty food stores, grocery stores, and meat and fish markets. 
  •      My sauces are very "clean" and appeal to every consumer because of it, they are not organic certified but contain many organic ingredients, most of my sauces and all of the rubs are gluten free, however the BBQ line is not.
  •      We now offer salt free and sugar free sauces and rubs, the sugar free products are made with dried organic Stevia leaf, not the white refined over the counter version. I boil the Stevia leaf and make a tea which I then reduce it for my recipes.
  •      The flavors are not like most other sauces, for example, Habanero/Sage, a medium heat with the refreshing flavor of sage to mellow the heat and enhance the flavor of the habanero pepper; Maple Chipotle, made with pure New England Maple syrup (my best selling sauce and which won “Peoples Choice Award” at a BBQ event in 2012), East Carolina BBQ sauce has been reviewed as "just like home" from people who were raised in the Carolina's and my "Ja-Maine-Kin Jerk" sauce is gaining popularity for those who enjoy a Caribbean style Jamaican Jerk sauce to name just a few.

     We are currently distributed in ME, NH, MA, CT and NJ with the help of small, independent distributors and because of our online presence,, we have had the pleasure to ship coast to coast and as far away as the United Kingdom, Prague, and Denmark to name a few. 

     We also began private labeling a few years ago and are quite happy to say that we now produce our products for 5 other companies.

    Now a little about me, I am a 55 year old entrepreneur, I've been self employed since to age of 22, first in the floor covering industry as a tile installer to eventually owning the company I subcontracted for. I sold the company and became an independent inspector/consultant to the flooring industry. (I officially retired from the flooring industry in June of 2016). I have been a registered Master Maine Guide for 25 years (still licensed). I have always enjoyed cooking which is what brings me to my latest venture as a BBQ, hot sauce, marinade, and rub producer.

​     So head on over to your nearest Beast Feast Maine location and feast on one of our sauces or rubs.  You won't be sorry you did!